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The Problem

Teaching web design to the “Designer” type, I’m constantly explaining to them why we can’t use all of our fancy design fonts we have on our computers when we design for the web. Luckily for us over the last couple years, the modern web has given us more tools to get a richer design experience. I’ve known about @font-face for a while but haven’t really pointed students in that direction in part because of the inevitable cross-browser issues.

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Scale Strokes and Effects


A common question I often get from students in Adobe Illustrator is:

“How come the border gets really big when I make object “X” smaller?”

Well Marv, we’ve covered this a couple times already but when that happens, you are scaling the size of the object not the thickness of the stroke (and yes, it’s called a stroke, not a border). Illustrator is a little weird this way, but you need to tell it to scale the strokes proportionally to the size of your object. It’s a mystery to me why the default isn’t to do both right up front, but it’s easy enough to set it up. The hardest part is remembering where to change it.

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Gradient and Eyedropper


Have you ever wanted to sample a specific color from an object or photo in Adobe Illustrator with the Eyedropper tool and apply it to a color stop on the gradient slider? If so, you’ve probably discovered there’s no obvious way to do so.

Here’s how it’s done:

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PDF to iPad Without the Cord

PDF to Ipad no Cords header

If you’re looking for an easy way to get PDF documents from your desktop computer to your iPad, without messing with cords or the hassle of iTunes, this tutorial is for you.

First thing you’ll want to do is to check out Dropbox. Dropbox is a free and secure service that lets you store files in the cloud. The files are not only accessible through the web, but also synced to a shared folder on any computer or device that you install the Dropbox application to. You can sign up here to get set-up with a free account.

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Droid 2 Hard Reset

Droid 2 Hard Reset

I recently got a droid 2 to use as a test device as I begin experimenting in mobile application development.  I wanted to start with a fresh slate and eliminate all of junk applications and settings that were previously loaded on the device. Having gotten the device second hand, and not having any plans in the near term to change cellular service carriers, the last thing I wanted to do was to go to the local Verizon shop and deal with a sales person to get help in doing a hard reset. As I began searching the internet thinking there would be easy directions somewhere, I quickly realized how fragmented things were. After an exhaustive search, and hours and hours of experimentation, with the help of @brianjoho, we finally figured out how to do the hard reset and access the phone without the need for a service contract. Hoping to turn our pain into some useful insights for the next person, the following are step-by-step directions for anyone wishing to do a hard reset on their Droid 2.

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