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Force Redirect Your .htaccess File to https

Get Your Web Server Secure Even though we get a free SSL Certificate with our hosting package (The thing that tells web browsers the site is safe to visit), we have to make sure our web server is configured to utilize it. We do this in a hidden file on our web server called

Force Redirect Your .htaccess File to https2020-03-02T12:20:51-06:00

Do – Discover – Iterate

Having gone through User Experience Certification with a group of folks at Saint Mary’s Press, I shifted gears into a new vocation before we had a chance to debrief. Right before my departure, Heather Sutton, the Customer Market Knowledge Leader at Saint Mary’s Press, and organizer of the CUEP training,

Do – Discover – Iterate2020-03-02T12:21:51-06:00

Night of the Living Flash

Flash is dead . . . again . . . yawn This week has been a bit of a roller coaster in the Flash Community reminiscent of the shot heard round the world when Steve Jobs announced no Flash Support on Apple’s iOS devices. For those who are not familiar with what’s happened, Adobe announced

Night of the Living Flash2018-07-05T12:14:36-05:00

@font-face with

The Problem Teaching web design to the “Designer” type, I’m constantly explaining to them why we can’t use all of our fancy design fonts we have on our computers when we design for the web. Luckily for us over the last couple years, the modern web has given us more tools to get a richer

@font-face with FontSquirrel.com2018-07-05T12:05:37-05:00