Gradient and Eyedropper

Have you ever wanted to sample a specific color from an object or photo in Adobe Illustrator with the Eyedropper tool and apply it to a color stop on the gradient slider? If so, you’ve probably discovered there’s no obvious way to do so. Here’s how it’s done:

Gradient and Eyedropper2018-07-05T12:12:42-05:00

A Designers Creative Toolbox

I recently had an old friend ask me if I still did graphic design. After a little discussion, a simple question was asked… “So what software do you use to do your designs?” Instinctively I started to rattle off a list of the software I use, pretty much as I would answer a twitter feed with a fellow tech geek. I assumed a sentence explaining what I did in each one would suffice, but quickly realized that it takes a lot more thought to really explain it. Just because it's second nature to me doesn’t mean someone else will “get it.” There is a reason, after all, that they asked the question in the first place. About half-way through the explanation, and with this epiphany fresh in my mind, I just stopped and asked him if I could get his email address so I could put some links together for him. Little did he know he just gave me the material for my next blog entry...

A Designers Creative Toolbox2010-11-17T21:58:02-06:00