What the Flash!

To most, Flash is just something online that lets you see really cool websites and videos. Many people have heard the term “Flash” being thrown around in the media over the summer. To my delight, this extra media coverage has gotten a few of my students, friends and colleagues asking “What exactly is Flash?”  and

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The Catalyst Commitment – Weeks 1 and 2

Week 1 June 1 Brainstormed some ideas of where I could start looking for resources. Decided I wanted to focus on the social channels, where the information would be brought directly to me, along with online video training via Adobe TV and June 2 Went to Facebook and Twitter and subscribed to the Flash

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The Flash Catalyst Commitment

Since the Adobe Max Conference in 2008, and the buzz around a product code-named “Thermo,” I have been intrigued with the possibility of creating interactive designs with the click of a mouse. This May, with the launch of Adobe’s Creative Suite CS5, the pipe-dream once known as Thermo, was released to the public as Flash

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A Designers Creative Toolbox

I recently had an old friend ask me if I still did graphic design. After a little discussion, a simple question was asked… “So what software do you use to do your designs?” Instinctively I started to rattle off a list of the software I use, pretty much as I would answer a twitter feed with a fellow tech geek. I assumed a sentence explaining what I did in each one would suffice, but quickly realized that it takes a lot more thought to really explain it. Just because it's second nature to me doesn’t mean someone else will “get it.” There is a reason, after all, that they asked the question in the first place. About half-way through the explanation, and with this epiphany fresh in my mind, I just stopped and asked him if I could get his email address so I could put some links together for him. Little did he know he just gave me the material for my next blog entry...

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