Catalyst Commitment weeks 1 and 2

Week 1

June 1

Brainstormed some ideas of where I could start looking for resources. Decided I wanted to focus on the social channels, where the information would be brought directly to me, along with online video training via Adobe TV and

June 2

  • Went to Facebook and Twitter and subscribed to the Flash Catalyst feeds / fan pages.
  • Went to to search and bookmark the online training.
  • Went to Adobe TV and put two 1:1 training video casts onto my homepage for quick viewing.
  • Wanted to search out some blogs to get views from the trenches and real-world applications. This will be an ongoing search; hopefully social media can help me out.

June 3

Realized after looking through my list how web-heavy all of the resources were. Decided I’d like to have an offline option should the need arise. Searched, found and ordered a copy of Flash Catalyst Classroom in a Book. I think I’ve got enough resources to get started on the journey.

June 4

The Technical College wanted to feature my Bio and picture in the Fall Catalog. Spent today’s time getting that together.

Week 2

June 7

Hard to focus and got sidetracked a bit. Started brainstorming on how I’d like to structure the curriculum instead of learning the application. I can see now, that it will be hard to separate the two moving forward. As I learn Flash Catalyst, I need to be aware of how I see things through the eyes of a student. The questions and wonderings that I have now are sure to occur during class.

I leave for vacation tomorrow to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in northern Minnesota. I will be completely disconnected so didn’t want to get into the application as I won’t retain it anyway; decided to take the day off.

June 8-14

I’m canoeing and fishing the beautiful lakes of northern Minnesota. Flash Catalyst is probably the first last thing on my mind!