Scale Strokes and Effects


A common question I often get from students in Adobe Illustrator is:

“How come the border gets really big when I make object “X” smaller?”

Well Marv, we’ve covered this a couple times already but when that happens, you are scaling the size of the object not the thickness of the stroke (and yes, it’s called a stroke, not a border). Illustrator is a little weird this way, but you need to tell it to scale the strokes proportionally to the size of your object. It’s a mystery to me why the default isn’t to do both right up front, but it’s easy enough to set it up. The hardest part is remembering where to change it.

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Gradient and Eyedropper


Have you ever wanted to sample a specific color from an object or photo in Adobe Illustrator with the Eyedropper tool and apply it to a color stop on the gradient slider? If so, you’ve probably discovered there’s no obvious way to do so.

Here’s how it’s done:

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