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What the Flash!

To most, Flash is just something online that lets you see really cool websites and videos. Many people have heard the term “Flash” being thrown around in the media over the summer. To my delight, this extra media coverage has gotten a few of my students, friends and colleagues asking “What exactly is Flash?”  and

What the Flash!2011-11-20T21:50:50-06:00

The Catalyst Commitment – Weeks 1 and 2

Week 1 June 1 Brainstormed some ideas of where I could start looking for resources. Decided I wanted to focus on the social channels, where the information would be brought directly to me, along with online video training via Adobe TV and June 2 Went to Facebook and Twitter and subscribed to the Flash

The Catalyst Commitment – Weeks 1 and 22010-06-17T15:21:09-05:00

How Twitter Saves Me Time…Really

Recently I received an email from the marketing folks wondering what it was that made me bookmark sites, and what it was about my home page that made me set it. I had never really thought about how I used bookmarks before, and definitely not why I set my homepage, I just used them.

How Twitter Saves Me Time…Really2010-05-28T07:05:16-05:00

The Flash Catalyst Commitment

Since the Adobe Max Conference in 2008, and the buzz around a product code-named “Thermo,” I have been intrigued with the possibility of creating interactive designs with the click of a mouse. This May, with the launch of Adobe’s Creative Suite CS5, the pipe-dream once known as Thermo, was released to the public as Flash

The Flash Catalyst Commitment2010-05-27T21:03:05-05:00

Apple and Adobe: a Fanboi’s Dilemma

I’m not usually one to write an opinion post, but as I have been thinking about the whole Apple and Adobe thing I can’t help but to involve myself in some capacity. To start, I am both a FanBoi of Apple and of Adobe, and have been since the days of Photoshop 5, and the

Apple and Adobe: a Fanboi’s Dilemma2010-05-24T09:57:01-05:00