An introduction to  my portfolio

Mark: The Immediate Gospel

Mark The Immediate Gospel is Hardcover book cover that I had about a week to concept, create roughs, finalize and preflight in order to have it ready in time for a trade show.

Professor’s Choice

This Kinetic Typography video was a project that I started as a companion marketing piece for ProfessorsChoice.com, where college professors can compile their own custom textbooks.

Anointed in the Spirit

The Anointed in the Spirit Candidate Handbook is the 4-color lead product in the recently released four part Confirmation program for Middle Schooler's by Saint Mary's Press.


Old Testament Companion

The Old Testament Companion is an interactive CD that steps a kids through select passages in the Bible and do interactive activities to help put what they have learned into practice.

In Da Hood

In Da Hood Backpacks is a company that combined the ipod, hoodies, and backpacks into one new product, and were looking for an identity as edgy as the teens who would use their new backpacks.

Catholic Youth Prayer Book

The Catholic Youth Prayer Book was designed to be traditional, warm, and comfortable. The cover of the book was specifically designed in a soft leather which ensures both comfort and flexibility.


9th Grade Survival Guide

The 9th Grade Survival Guide is book for 8th graders who are getting ready to enter High School. The vision of this book was to give it a real "user's guide" and "how-to" look and feel.

Great Catholic Writings

Great Catholic Writings is compilation of reflections and stories by many famous authors. The book is focused on helping High School students to see the world differently.

Click 2 Live

The logo for Click2Live was designed to help raise awareness of the importance of seat belt safety. The logo has been used on websites, racing jerseys, and window clings.